Blood Elf Holy Paladin - Nicefaith

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Blood Elf Holy Paladin - Nicefaith

Post by nicefaith » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:48 pm

Application Template:

Basic Information about you and your computer

1. Real First Name: Jordan

2. Age (17yrs min): 20

3. Where are you from (city, what time zone)?: Midlothian, Virginia, Eastern Time Zone

4. When did you start playing WoW?: 2011

5. Do you have a system that can play WoW smoothly and does not hinder your playing capability for 25man content? (ie. decent fps, minimal lock-ups or other system-related issues), Please describe your computer hardware (video card, internet speed, etc) :

i7 3770k, Dual Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, 8 Gb DDR3 RAM.

6. Please provide an image of your ping test to Chicago, IL via, and post your result:


7. Do you own a Blizzard authenticator?: No

Raid History/Experience

1. What is the furthest you have progressed in the following during that time period:
* Classic: MC/BWL/AQ40/Naxx - n/a
* BC: Kara/SSC/MH/BT/Sunwell - n/a
* WoTLK: Naxx/Ulduar/ToC/ICC -n/a
* Cata: 10/25M BoT/BWD/ToFW - n/a
* MoP: Mv, HoF, Toes - 16/16 N, 8/16 H

2. What previous guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Please include all relevant raiding guilds in your guild history :

I was once in a guild on Mannoroth called Oath, but left because my friend wanted me to join him on his home server: Bleeding Hollow. The previous guild I was in I had left due to unsolvable issues with the GM, as well as wanting to raid in a 25-man group.

Your social skills

1. Why are you choosing to apply to Weer specifically?: Looking to join a 25 man raiding guild

2. Do you have a Sponsor in WeeR? If not, How did you find us?: Trade chat I believe

3. What are your expectations from a raiding guild, and what do you think that a raiding guild should expect from you?:

Consistent progress, clear determination and steadfastness. As for what to expect from me; a clear want to succeed, unwaivering concentration, and being a good listener.

4. Do you have a working mic, and are you able to speak on vent during raids as needed?: Yes

5. Our raid times are Tue, Wed, and Thur, 8PM - 12AM EST (server time). What is your availability to attend these raid times? Keep in mind that we do not recruit "back ups", and as a result all of our raiders are expected to have very high attendance percentages.:

I am able to attend all raid days

About your character

1. Name/Class/Main Spec: Nicefaith/Paladin/Holy

2. Armory Link. Be sure to log off in your raiding gear.: ... ith/simple

3. Screen Shot of your UI (use


4. Latest Meters, via

5. How Long have you been playing your class/spec?: Since November of last year

6. What is your priority on stats weights. and please provide details?:

Haste and crit are reforged to mastery, as from my testing, Mastery point-for-point provides the best healing throughput.

7. What is your max burst rotation?:

Holy Shock, Flash Heal, Eternal flame for single-target. Holy Shock, Holy Radiance, Light of Dawn for multi-target.

Player Information
1. How often do you play outside of raids?: I play approximately 30 hours per week between my various toons.

2. Is your real life situation such that it may ever interfere with raiding in a hardcore end-game guild? (ie. gf/bf aggro, night classes, expected to play parcheesi with the family on Thursday nights, etc).:

Not for the foreseeable futre.

3. Tell us about yourself. occupation, hobbies, etc - as much or as little as you would like to share.:

I'm currently in college studying as a History major, and I like to play WoW ^.^

Analytical Skill - very important

WeeR supports out of the box thinkers. You are required to compare yourself to our existing member who is playing the same class and spec you are applying for. Can you point out any improvements in our main raiders specs/gear, if any, or is there anything you would do different and why?:

From what I can see on the Stone Guard H fight on the 5th of February, The Holy Paladin healing that particular fight was not spec'ed into Hand of Purity, I'm assuming he/she was instead using Clemency. I would consider this an error, as the use of Hand of Purity on tanks in this encounter greatly reduces the damage they take from the Stone Guard's "Rend Flesh" ability. This ability reduces the damage on tanks greatly, and allows healer to heal tanks less, and the raid more. The argument would be of course Clemency is useful because of the ability to use Hand of Freedom/Sacrifice/Protection twice. Here is why I believe Clemency is the weaker option in this case-scenario. Hand of Freedom is basically rendered useless, because there is no need for anyone else but a Paladin to break Cobalt traps when needed. All that is necessary is being spec'ed into Speed of Light, and Divine shielding/ (When needing to break traps not during Cobalt petrification)Hand of Freedom'ing through said traps. Hand of Freedom is a nice ability to have, but being able to use it one additional time and the extremely high cooldown does not justify Clemency over Hand of Purity. As for Hand of Protection, this ability is basically useless during this fight, as all of the raid damage is magic damage.

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Re: Blood Elf Holy Paladin - Nicefaith

Post by Artic » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:01 am

Hey Nicefaith,

several concerns I have about recruiting another holy pally.

* We currently have 6 active healers, would you mind being on a rotation with the rest of them, since we usually bring 5 healers to a raid?
* I noticed you have 7/16hm, why would you want to go to a 5/16HM guild?
* 25 man healing is very different compare to 10 man, do you have 25man experience? and why do you want 25man?
* Have you try applying to other guilds who are ahead of us, and why?


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