Connan(Earthern Ring)- Fury Warrior - Raiding

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Connan(Earthern Ring)- Fury Warrior - Raiding

Post by stryffe » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:15 am

1. Real First Name: Rey

2. Age (17yrs min): 31

3. Where are you from (city, what time zone)? Calgary, Mountain time zone

4. When did you start playing WoW? Midway through WOTLK

5. Do you have a system that can play WoW smoothly and does not hinder your playing capability for 25man content? (ie. decent fps, minimal lock-ups or other system-related issues), Please describe your computer hardware (video card, internet speed, etc) :

I7 970 /w native clock @ 3.2GHZ and OC to 4.5GHZ
Classified GTX590 Video card

6. Please provide an image of your ping test to Chicago, IL via, and post your result

7. Do you own an Blizzard authenticator? Yes

Raid History/Experience

1. What is the furthest you have progressed in the following during that time period:

Please note that most of my raiding exprerience is through my hunter as it was my previous main and all experience is through 25-man unless otherwise specified

* Classic: MC/BWL/AQ40/Naxx - n/a
* BC: Kara/SSC/MH/BT/Sunwell - n/a
* WoTLK: Naxx/Ulduar/ToC/ICC - 11/12 NM & 8/12HM
* Cata: 10/25M BoT/BWD/ToFW - BWD - 4/6HM; BOT - 2/4HM; ToFW - 2/2NM; FL - 5/7HM; DS - 6/8HM
* MoP: Mv, HoF - MV - 6/6NM; HOF - 2/6NM(25s), 5/6NM(10s)

2. What previous guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Please include all relevant raiding guilds in your guild history

OLD Guard - Current - they've decided to switch to 10-man raiding and I much prepare 25s over 10s
The Jägermonsters - Hoped over to OG cause I switched my main from my monk
The Epic Raiders - Friends guild(currently still have alts on this guild.

Also note that I still have multiple alts on each of those guilds.

Your social skills

1. Why are you choosing to apply to Weer specifically?
I like your raid schedule and raid format with reliable members.

2. Do you have a Sponsor in WeeR? If not, How did you find us?
WOW guild recruitment forum

3. What are your expectations from a raiding guild, and what do you think that a raiding guild should expect from you?
as a raiding guild, to progress through the content while it is current and to have fun

4. Do you have a working mic, and are you able to speak on vent during raids as needed?

5. Our raid times are Tue, Wed, and Thur, 8PM - 12AM EST (server time). What is your availability to attend these raid times? Keep in mind that we do not recruit "back ups", and as a result all of our raiders are expected to have very high attendance percentages.
This is the same raiding time as my current guild, so it should not be a problem

About your character

1. Name/Class/Main Spec - Connan/Warrior/Fury

2. Armory Link. Be sure to log off in your raiding gear. - ... n/advanced

3. Screen Shot of your UI (use

4. Latest Meters, via

5. How Long have you been playing your class/spec? since I first started playing, was my first max level toon back in WOTLK

6. What is your priority on stats weights. and please provide details?

It goes Expertise to CAP > Melee Hit to CAP > Strength > Crit > Mastery > Haste
Basically at 1/1 STR/crit, strength is slightly ahead of crit, but when gemming crit will have a higher value since with the new MOP change to gems, you get double to amount of the base stats

7. What is your max burst rotation?
from start of the fight;
Pre pot -> Battle Shout -> Charge -> BT -> Reck -> SB -> CS -> MACRO(Trinket -> Bloodbath -> DR) -> RB -> RB -> BT -> RB -> BR....defending on my rage count, I should also have a couple HS somewhere in there. Then from there i go to my normal rotation.

Player Information

1. How often do you play outside of raids?
Too often, lol, probably about 3 to 4 hours per day...maybe more

2. Is your real life situation such that it may ever interfere with raiding in a hardcore end-game guild? (ie. gf/bf aggro, night classes, expected to play parcheesi with the family on Thursday nights, etc).
Unless there is an emergency, shouldn't be an issue

3. Tell us about yourself. occupation, hobbies, etc - as much or as little as you would like to share.
I am currently a GI(global infrastructure) for AMEC - hobbies are gaming, playing basketball, skiing/snowboarding and am a huge sports fan of any kind ie. NBA, MLB, NHL even soccer

Analytical Skill - very important

WeeR supports out of the box thinkers. You are required to compare yourself to our existing member who is playing the same class and spec you are applying for. Can you point out any improvements in our main raiders specs/gear, if any, or is there anything you would do different and why?

Missassy - Nearly have identical spec with this person, so unless there is something wrong with what we have, I think it looks good

Myrddral - Again almost the same spec, only thing i would change out is the Raging wind glyph, but i guess that can be a fight specific glyph for AOE but otherwise, i would choose death from above glyph.

Polskis - I would most likely change out Rude interuption - I for one rarely use pummel and it would just be a waste of major glyphs. Also I would choose Second wind over Impending Victory for the lvl30 talent since it is a set and forget type of talent and don't have to waste a GCD for it.

as for the logs, i havent really looked in there if they are maxing the use for CS, i would assume they are.

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Re: Connan(Earthern Ring)- Fury Warrior - Raiding

Post by Artic » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:05 am

thanks for your application.

Unfortunately, we just recruited a fury warrior last week. Good Luck in your guild search.


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